Two collections of models on frontline forces in COVID-19 prevention and control and chibi anime series on volunteers and artists who were involved in charity activities, which were folded from Kami paper by Thanh Thuong, have been created to spread and encourage the anti-epidemic spirit.

Inspired by white-shirt soldiers who are working hard for the health of the community and volunteers and artists who were not afraid of difficulties to give cakes, rice and milk to people who are living in disadvantaged circumstances due to the pandemic, Thanh Thuong came up with the idea of using Kami paper to fold models of their portraits and their meaningful works. She also considered them mementos of an unforgettable period.

Then, models were created with the images of lovely artists such as Quyen Linh actor carrying rice bags on her shoulders and wearing familiar honeycomb sandals to the alleys of Ho Chi Minh City. Through the Kami paper models, viewers can feel his warm smile and sincerity. In addition, the models featured artists Viet Huong and Hoai Phuong in protective suits next to an ambulance providing many months of oxygen tanks to support serious patients.

Sharing about the collections, Thanh Thuong said although I could not rush to the epidemic-hit areas to directly contribute to charity activities, I am very happy to encourage frontline forces and volunteers through my spiritual gifts.

In late 2019 when COVID-19 epidemic began to appear, Thanh Thuong folded models of doctors and medical workers to express my respect to their contributions and sacrifices. Earlier, Thuong had become famous for the images of 24 players and coach Park Hang-seo from the national football team. She was also the author of hundreds of paper dolls and thousands of models that vividly reproduced objects from daily life.

As the first person to develop Kami paper folding art in Vietnam, Thanh Thuong has had a great passion on her job. Kami paper folding art is not widely popular in Vietnam because the paper has to be imported from Japan and Taiwan (China) at quite an expensive cost. However, with her meticulousness, Thanh Thuong has persistently pursued the art of folding paper and continuously created many new patterns.

With her aspiration to bring this art closer to many people in Vietnam, she created a group on Facebook entitled “Creations with Kami paper folding” where participants can exchange, learn and share their knowledge. Thuong has also opened training courses on Kami folding for people who are interested in this art. Besides, she shared her hobby and Kami paper folding patterns via many forums. As a member of Facebook group “Loving kitchen”, the nick name Thuong Kami has become quite familiar for her love for cooking and the pattern of a kitchen with small items folded from Kami paper.

Thanh Thuong has spent a lot of time creating and perfecting their artworks. She felt the significance of their works through her paper folding operations. Each stage of folding, pushing, and rolling the paper has helped Thuong learn more about them and their meaningful activities for the community. The emotions from Thanh Thuong’s heart have touched the sympathy of those who loved, followed and admired her paper folding ability. Many patterns have been presented to the characters like meaningful spiritual gifts.

Thanh Thuong has just completed the Kami paper folding models of “white angels” in a chibi style. They were inspired by Le Thi Dinh, the founder of Zero-dong Milk Programme, and her friend Tran Bac. The two volunteers have provided children in poor families with free milk. In the month since its launch, the Zero-dong Milk Programme has supported many children around the city. Two angels wished to convey a message of making difficult things easier. The epidemic has caused unfortunate impacts to many lives but it has brought people closer together to give warm sharing and support. Using Kami paper, Thanh Thuong extended her belief, encouragement and sincere thanks to people who are living and working for people.