This will be the second time the Korean singer has visited the country.

The K-pop singer will attend multiple signing activities and introduce a range of beauty products at a hotel on December 19.

Organizers of the K-Beauty Festa have stated that the K-pop singer will also spend time signing autographs and meeting her Vietnamese fans.

Meanwhile, renowned Korean beauty blogger Cheri Hyeri and singer Han Sara will also come to Hanoi to participate in the K-Beauty Festa program.

Hyomin, also known as Park Sun-young, is not only a singer but also a songwriter, actress, and fashion designer. Aside from her activities with T-ara, she has also starred in various television dramas such as My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox in 2010, Gyebaek in 2011, The Thousandth Man in 2012, and in various films such as Gisaeng Ryung in 2011 and Jinx!!! in 2013.

She debuted as a solo artist with her EP Make Up in 2014, which included the lead track “Nice Body” that earned her three nominations at the Seoul Music Awards.

In 2019, the K-pop singer released the digital single “Cabinet” with JustaTee, which topped Vietnam’s V Heartbeat monthly chart for four consecutive months.