The upcoming one-night concert will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the VNAM’s Jazz Department. The concert will showcase the talents of renowned musicians, including Hakan Rydin from Sweden, Steve Barry, Damon Poppleton, Bernice Tesara, Cailey Soon, and George Greenhill from Australia. Quyen Thien Dac, a prominent jazz artist in Vietnam, will also perform alongside these musicians. With a background of studying jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston and obtaining a Master’s degree from Malmo College of Music in Sweden, Quyen Thien Dac is a highly respected figure in the jazz community.

Joining the local artists Luong Xuan Thinh, Hoang Xuan Tung, and the Glory jazz band, special guests Nguyen Tuan Nam and Dao Kien will also participate in the event. The concert will feature renowned jazz compositions, including Nostalgia, Moonlight in Vermont, Breezin, Vietnamese folk song Inh lả ơi, Feels Like Home, and Now’s the times.

Viewers can enjoy the concert through a live broadcast on Vietnam Television (VTV1) channel and Hanoi Television channel. The goal of the concert, as highlighted in a press conference held on September 25 in Hanoi, is to foster connections between artists and audiences. Additionally, the concert aims to introduce high-quality pieces of work to the public, promoting appreciation for jazz music in Vietnam.