About 70 unique dolls crafted in Japan will be showcased in two distinct areas. The dolls, each created with exquisite attention to detail, provide a fascinating glimpse into the history and culture of Japan.

One space will exhibit 32 traditional dolls depicting the gracefulness of Japanese ladies donning their traditional kimono dress, popular characters in Japanese noh and kabuki plays, babies, children, teenager royal dolls, and clay dolls.

In another space, 38 Kokeshi dolls of both traditional and modern patterns will be showcased. Carefully handpicked from the 4,000 samples found at the Tsugaru Kokeshi Doll Museum in Kuroishi city of Aomori Prefecture, these dolls are sure to impress.

The dolls were originally made by a local craftsman, called kijiya, as a toy for children.

Kokeshi are unique and beloved Japanese wooden dolls that were crafted during the late Edo period in the Tohoku region of Japan. These simple dolls have no arms or legs, but they still manage to bring joy to children and adults alike. Originally, they were created by a local craftsman, known as a kijiya, and were intended to be a toy for children.

Visitors to the opening ceremony of the exhibition will have the chance to try on traditional Yukata costumes, experience the Japanese art of Origami paper folding, and receive adorable paper dolls. Moreover, they will be able to marvel at the intricate and colourful designs of the Yukata and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of the paper dolls.

The Vietnam-Japan 50th Anniversary Cultural Exchange Exhibition will be held this year to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan, and to help promote Japanese culture in Vietnam. It will be a special occasion to celebrate the long-standing friendship between the two countries and to experience the richness of Japanese culture.