The diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan, which began on September 21, 1973, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023 with a series of commemorative events. The festivities commenced with an exhibition of lacquer paintings titled “Microcosmos – Macrocosmos- Hoi An” by acclaimed Japanese artist Saeko Ando.

Various cultural activities were organized throughout the festival, including a Vietnam-Japan art exchange, a boat race on the Hoai river named “Hoi An, Japan and tourists,” a re-enactment of the wedding procession of Princess Ngoc Hoa and Japanese merchant Araki Sotaro, and a Japanese flower arrangement instruction session.

Entertainment, cultural, and culinary exchanges were also featured, such as an exhibition showcasing documentary photos highlighting the friendly cooperation relationship between Hoi An and Japan, a wood carving exhibition celebrating Hoi An’s ancient trading port, a tempura art exhibition, a Japanese calligraphy demonstration, Origami paper folding, and a Yukata rental service.

Nguyen Van Son, chairman of Hoi An city’s People Committee in Quang Nam province, emphasized the historical significance of Hoi An as the birthplace of the Japan-Vietnam relations 400 years ago when Japanese traders made the town their second home. Since then, Hoi An has continually fostered collaboration and friendship exchanges with various Japanese localities.

The event served as an opportunity to promote and honor traditional cultures, foster mutual understanding, and strengthen the enduring relationship between Vietnam and Japan, while also attracting tourists to Hoi An – a city known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and traditional charm.