The two publications, including a photo book entitled “Ho Chi Minh, a person and a nation” and the Italian translation of the great leader’s work “Duong Kach Menh” (Revolutionary Path), were gifts from the branches of the Italy – Vietnam Friendship Association in the regions of Veneto and Piemonte in Italy.

Speaking at the event, Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Antonio Alessandro emphasised that Italian people have always had a special love for President Ho Chi Minh, a great leader of Vietnam.

The Italian photo book about President Ho Chi Minh represents the friendship and connections between Vietnam and Italy since the 1960s.

For his part, Vice Chairman of Vietnam – Italy Friendship Association Dang Khanh Thoai affirmed that the documents not only reflected the sentiment of Italian people to Vietnam’s beloved leader but also helped Vietnamese people to learn more about his process of finding the way to save the nation.

The book, which is extracted from the book “The great epic series” published by Vie Nuove Magazine in 1968, consists of 12 volumes recalling the life and revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh over periods associated with the general domestic and international context as well as Vietnamese people’s struggles for national independence until 1968.

The translation of “Duong Kach Menh” was conducted and published by Anteo Edizioni Publishing House in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate of Vietnam in Turin (Italy), Sandra Scagliotti and the Italy – Vietnam Friendship Association.