Presenting this year with the exciting theme of “Indulging in Italian cuisine: wellness with flavor,” the event seeks to showcase Italian products and culinary traditions, as well as their affiliation with conviviality, hospitality, and healthiness.

Throughout the week, a range of activities will also be organized to promote Italian culinary culture. These include a workshop and tasting event centered around fermented foods, an exhibition titled “Taste! The Italians and food 1970-2050,” an exhibition titled Taste of Italy, and a Casa Italia Wine Festival.

As part of the celebration, a consortium consisting of carefully selected Italian restaurants in Hanoi will create a special menu on a different theme.

Having made its debut in 2016, the Italian Cuisine Week is an annual initiative that seeks to promote the culinary culture that lies at the heart of the Mediterranean diet.

The Italian Food Week in Hanoi will continue until November 19.