Vietnam will be the first country in ASEAN to bring design content in Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week 2020 to this application, initiated by the Association of Southeast Asian Fashion Designers. This app will bring fashion designers and brands to industry customers first in Southeast Asia, then to other markets around the world.

Speaking at the press conference Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week 2020, Chairwoman of the CAFD, Ms. Trang Nguyen said that the application of AFAB and Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week 2020 will be an opportunity for fashion brands to re-enter the local market and into the international market. These are how the fashion industry is coping with the new normal in Vietnam when fashion lovers’ behavior changes after the pandemic.

Early 2020, the textile and garment industry’s export target is up to USD 40 billion, according to the Chairman of the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association, Mr. Vu Duc Giang. However, the Covid-19 pandemic changed this goal completely and the industry is expected to export only USD 35.3 billion this year. Globally, the pandemic challenges affected the industry not only now but also in the future. Meanwhile, the Government sets the import-export turnover target for the industry to reach more than USD 100 billion in the period 2025-2030.

Therefore, Mr. Giang said that the fashion industry is carrying the responsibility to revive its strength as well as the domestic textile industry after the epidemic. The industry has to think of the new business model because it has been more dependent on technology recently. Applying technology will help the industry carry out this responsibility.

Currently, 5 important export markets of Vietnam are the US (41.5%), Japan (12%), Korea (11%), China (10%) and the EU (9.8%). Technology adoption will better connect the industry to these markets.

“This is the golden period for the fashion industry to present Vietnam’s fashion industry to the world after a long period of hardship. ” said Ms. Trang. “Currently, many countries are in a state of social isolation or quarantine, which has heavily affected the fashion industry. Meanwhile, the epidemic has been very well controlled in Vietnam so it is time for Vietnam to quickly introduce its products to the fashion world.”

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has asked Ms. Trang Nguyen to introduce Vietnam fashion brands internationally while being the Chairwoman of CAFD. She was also asked to establish an association for Vietnamese fashion industry. She believes the the fashion industry will soon receive more support from the Government.

Attending Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week 2020, Mr. Paolo Lemma, Commercial Counselor, Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City, said that although the fashion industry is facing challenges globally , he still believes in the Vietnam market. The Italian government will continue to support their country’s fashion businesses to access the Vietnamese market. These businesses will continue to accompany domestic brands Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week 2020 to catch up opportunities in Vietnam.

Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week 2020 will take place from 3 to 6-12 at Nguyen Du Stadium, HCMC.