In their handwritten letter, Ethan and Uyoa state, “We have been travelling through Southeast Asia for the past few months. Our trip has ended here in quarantine in Vinh City.”

“Not exactly what we had planned for or expected, but we have had a pleasant time here. We have been treated kindly by all of the staff here and we are very impressed with how the Vietnamese are handling the COVID-19 situation,” they added.

The letter concludes with, “We hope to return to Vietnam and explore it properly under better circumstances. Many thanks, from Ethan and Uyoa.”

Both Ethan and Uyoa had originally entered the nation from Laos through the Cau Treo international border gate in Ha Tinh province on March 18 before being put into isolation in Nghi An commune of Vinh City.

Following the completion of their 14-day isolation, the Irish tourists sent a written letter to the management board of Nghi An commune.

As of April 1, 135 out of a total of 453 people have gone on to complete a 14-day compulsory quarantine period in the isolation area situated in Nghi An commune.