On the evening of June 22, Da Nang Department of Tourism coordinated with AHT International Terminal Exploitation and Investment Joint Stock Company to welcome Korean Air flight KE9463 carrying more than 200 passengers, departing from Incheon to Da Nang International Airport.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Binh, Deputy Director of Danang Department of Tourism, said that the direct working sessions of the city’s leaders with major international airlines within the framework of the Asia Route Development Forum 2022 have a positive impact on the restoration of the network of flights to Da Nang, towards the goal that the city set before the opening of international skies.

According to Mr. Binh, Korean Air is not only the largest airline in Korea in terms of the number of aircraft and flight networks but also a pioneer in exploiting new destinations and creating market dynamics.

Korea’s largest airline reopens direct flights to Da Nang.

“Since 2012, Korean Air has been one of the first two Korean airlines to come to Da Nang and thereby create a breakthrough for the Korean passenger market. Therefore, we believe that the return of this airline will have a positive impact on the recovery of the leading customer market of Da Nang.”, Mr. Binh shared.

Da Nang International Terminal Investment and Operation Joint Stock Company said that from July, it is expected that airlines will continue to operate many international routes to Da Nang.

In July, a series of international flights to Da Nang were re-operated

According to statistics, the number of international visitors to Da Nang has shown a strong growth signal after the success of the Asia Route Development Forum 2022 with the opening of routes by foreign airlines to the city such as Malaysia Airlines, Air Seoul, BangKok Airways…

The total number of international flights to Da Nang after opening to the international sky is 286 with 35,000 passengers, including 71 Korean flights with more than 12,000 arrivals to the city.

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