La Hong is a passionate designer with a focus on design and fashion. One of his notable collections showcases costumes inspired by the traditional Vietnamese ao dai.

Recently, during the “Vietnam Day in Austria” event in Vienna in September 2022, held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Austria diplomatic ties, La Hong presented a stunning ao dai collection that received great admiration and applause from the audience.

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent in Europe, La Hong explained his motivation to showcase Vietnamese ao dai in fashion shows. He expressed his love for the simplicity of the traditional costume and its versatility for designers to create new designs that align with current fashion trends.

La Hong has consistently featured ao dai in his fashion shows in Austria and Europe, and he plans to continue exploring new ideas to promote Vietnamese culture and tradition worldwide. He hopes that his designs will be embraced by Asian and international friends.

During President Vo Van Thuong’s official visit to Austria, La Hong was honored to be one of the invited individuals by the Vietnamese Embassy in Austria to attend the President’s meeting with overseas Vietnamese in Austria and Europe.