International Day of Friendship 2021: History, Significance, Celebration and Best Gift Ideas

International Day of Friendship 2021: We are living in a tough world with miscommunications, mistreatment, lack of trust, discrimination and cultural discord. There is no reason for us to exist in these form so a speacial day named International Day of Friendship is celebrated annually on July 30 to connect people, find comfort and keep us closer.


International Day of Friendship 2021: History

We live in a tough world. Between miscommunications, mistreatment, lack of trust, discrimination, and cultural discord, prioritizing peace seemingly has less of a presence in the global society. There really is no reason for the world not to exist in some harmonious form. We have the United Nations to thank for helping to remind us all that there is some good in this world. As reported by Nationaltoday, we were first introduced to International Day of Friendship in 2011; this special day goes beyond connecting people and builds bridges among cultures, countries, and even ideologies.

International Day of Friendship is a day to appreciate and promote friendships from all backgrounds.

Celebrated across the globe on July 30, 2021, the day aims to bridge the gaps between factors such as race, language and culture.

International Day of Friendship promotes the idea that fostering friendships between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace and build bridges between those communities.

Friendship and connections are synonymous with bonding, and building those common bonds goes beyond sharing a trait, characteristic, or favorite pastime with another person or group, but also includes promoting a global commitment and understanding of diversity and inclusion. Even in our differences, we can find common ground. Physical appearances, differences of opinions, political views, tastes, music, and more are not reasons to separate people. Relationships are bigger than that, and the UN works to promote kindness and togetherness every July.

International Day of Friendship 2021: History, Significance, Celebration and Best Gift Ideas

Celebrating friendships through things as simple as a brief note, a coffee hang out, going to a concert, or taking a trip to the mall are all ways to find commonalities. Again, we have more in common than we all realize. And any idea that minimizes the amount of hatred and disdain spread throughout the world is the kind we want to be shared. We’d like to think that something we all have in common.

Before the U.N. made its designation, the very first World Friendship Day was proposed in 1958 by the World Friendship Crusade, which is an international civil organization that campaigns to foster peaceful culture through friendship.


1919 – Friendship in the Works

The United States participates in an unofficial Friendship Day even before the U.N.’s official designation.

1930s – Hallmark Greeting

Greeting cards are introduced by Hallmark — to this day, many acknowledge their special relationships in the form of a card or note.

1958 – Paraguay is the first country to celebrate this day countrywide in July of this year.

2011 – The U.N. introduces the world to the International Day of Friendship, encouraging communities around the world to observe and honor the day.

International Day of Friendship 2021: Significance

Friendship requires empathy, compassion and concern for other people. By valuing and celebrating friendship, we foster these characteristics and adopt a more selfless and grateful outlook on life, Twinkl reported.

Across communities, International Day of Friendship can help build and strengthen relationships in spite of differences in cultures. The day can help build a more kind and peaceful world, with implications that are wide and far-reaching.

On International Day of Friendship, those friends who are there for us, call us out on our stubbornness, sacrifice their time for us when everyone else is busy adulting, show up in the middle of the night to cheer us up, and even our long-distance friends whose friendship has sustained across borders, are celebrated.

The meaning of friendship is different for everyone. And the bond of friendship also varies. People we have known for a long time may not be close to us, whereas, we may consider someone who we have only known for a short period of time as a best friend to us. This is why traditions and celebrations are different for everyone. There are low-key ways to celebrate the day like simply hanging out with friends and doing our ‘thing,’ or more elaborate ways like hosting parties, exchanging presents, and expressing how important they are in our lives. Another common tradition on International Day of Friendship is to reach out and reconnect with friends with whom we haven’t been in touch for a while.

International Day of Friendship 2021: History, Significance, Celebration and Best Gift Ideas

International Day of Friendship 2021: Celebration

International Friendship Day is a good time to reflect on our friendships and the positivity they bring to our lives. If you’re wanting to celebrate the day at playgroup we have some lovely ideas you can do together!

-We get to spend time with the ones we love: Take this moment to be spontaneous with a kind note, or perhaps even heading out to lunch with friends to touch base as a way to celebrate. Most of us connect with people day in and day out, and we cannot think of a better way to commune than to be around those we see most often as a means to observe this day.

-There are both big and small ways to celebrate your friendships: Beyond sending cards, you can give flowers or merely spend time with someone important to you. Time is all we have, and once it’s gone we never get it back.

-Meet a friend for lunch, dinner, or happy hour: Have friends you haven’t seen in a while? Or, perhaps some with whom you only do the same activities over and again. Why not change things up and plan a casual outing with friends for International Day of Friendship, to make new memories and share a few laughs.

-Attend a community cultural celebration: Is there a community center near you that you’ve been meaning to check out but haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so? This is the perfect opportunity to be able to check out the schedule and attend any events hosted there, meet some new people, and learn about new cultures or lifestyles that already exist within blocks of your front door.

-Send a greeting card: Hallmark introduced us to the concept of celebrating friendship, so why not send a note to a few of your friends on International Friendship Day to let them know how important they are to you?

International Day of Friendship 2021: History, Significance, Celebration and Best Gift Ideas

-Songs to listen and sing on International Day of Friendship:

+I’ll Stand by You The Pretenders

+I’ll be here Carole King

+Ben Michael Jackson

+Friendship Judy Garland

+You’ll Be in My Heart Phil Collins

+You’ve Got a friend Carole King

+With a Little Help from My Friends Beatles

+Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler

+That’s What Friends Are For Deniece Williams

+Stand By Me Ben E. King

+At Your Side The Corrs

+I’ll Be there Michael Jackson

– Films to Watch with Friends on Friendship Day:

For the ‘old guard’:

+Little Women

+It’s Christmas

+It’s a Wonderful Life

+Meet Me in St Louis

+Gentleman Prefer Blondes

+Cheaper By the Dozen

+The African Queen

+Roman Holidays

+Kiss me Kate

+Some Like It Hot

International Day of Friendship 2021: History, Significance, Celebration and Best Gift Ideas

For the Baby Boomers:


+An Officer and a Gentleman

+Circle of Friends

+First Wives Club

+How to make an American Quilt

+Jerry Maguire

+Scent of a Woman

+Stand By Me

+Thelma and Louise

International Day of Friendship 2021: Best Gift Ideas

If you also want to please friends by giving them gifts, then there will be no better opportunity than this. If you are confused about giving gifts to your friends, then you can choose any of the gift ideas given below. There are so many options available to bring a smile on your friend’s face on International Day of Friendship.

-Personalised gifts: You can send some personalized gifts to your friends that may carry your memories with that special person. Personalized gifts are easily available in nearby shops or they can be ordered online. You can choose to personalize cushion, wooden frames, mug, pen and many more.

-Greeting Cards: Any occasion is incomplete without a greeting card. It is very important to speak a heart out in front of your friends and sometime you should also tell them how much they are important to you. So, sending a greeting card would be a great idea to share your feelings.

-Soft toys: Toys always brings warmth and love in relationships, so to cherish your friendship and love someone soft toys would be a great choice. You can also get personalized toys to make it even more special.

International Day of Friendship 2021: History, Significance, Celebration and Best Gift Ideas

-Handmade chocolates and hampers: Chocolates are a symbol of sweetness, so this friendship day spread sweetness and love with the handmade chocolates and some amazing gift hampers.

-Coffee Mug: This something that every person uses in daily life, so if you will give the coffee mug to your best friend then he or she will always remember you while using it.

-Memory notebook and diary: Give your best friend a memory notebook so that he can put all the memories in it. It will be helpful for your friend in your absence too.

-Flowers and Bouquet: If you are beginning a new friendship with someone, then sending flowers would be a great start. Also, a bouquet of yellow flowers will give a kick to your friendship.

-Homemade cake and donuts: If you love cooking, then you can make some delicious donuts on the occasion of World Friendship Day. It will add extra sweetness and love to the amazing day.

-Make a friendship bracelet. Using coloured pasta and some thread or pipe cleaners you can make a lovely colourful bracelet for everyone

-Make a friendship wreath.

-Read and share stories about friendship. Sharing books can be a special part of the playgroup routine, for a list of books on friendship click here.

-Make a friendship book. Fill it up with pictures of friends or let the little ones draw pictures of their friends. You could use an empty scrap book or you could even make your own book.

-Make a friendship rainbow. Using different coloured card or paper, trace around each child’s hand and cut them out. Write their names on each cut out (you could even ask each child to decorate their own) and once finished, string them together and hang them up to display.

-Draw a picture. Get little ones to draw a picture for their special friend or even draw one of their friends!

-It’s a day committed to diversity, inclusion, and appreciation: Inclusivity is a huge part of the day. International Day of Friendship aims to include any and all, and embrace others that may appear different than us.


22% – the percentage of people who live longer if they have a close friendship network.

2 – the average number of best friends an adult has.

1994 – the year when the hit television show “Friends” first aired.

26% – the percentage of people who come into conflict with their friends over something posted online.

2 times – the likelihood of women with breast cancer dying if they don’t have a network of friends.

9 months – the age at which babies start recognizing friendships.

36% – the percentage of people who quit a habit if their friends quit it too.

7 times – the likelihood of a person being more productive at work if their close friend works there too.

10–25 – the number of hours a week young adults spend socializing.

57% – the percentage of teens who make a close friend online.