“Instagram for Vietnam” campaign to encourage young people’s innovative spirit

Facebook recently has kick-started a campaign on Instagram to encourage Vietnamese young people’s innovative spirits and promote values created by them.


“Instagram for Vietnam” campaign launched
Photo: advertisingvietnam.com

Following the success of the campaign “Facebook for Vietnam” in 2020 with outstanding activities to support socio-economic recovery and development after natural disasters and epidemics, Facebook continues to implement a new part of this campaign with the campaign “Instagram for Vietnam” which aims at young people.

As a platform for sharing photos and updating latest trends with more than one billion accounts worldwide, Instagram supports young Vietnamese to express their creative spirit, contribute to building a youth community. increasingly active and developed.

With the participation of influencers like singer My Anh, YouTuber Vinh Tran and member of the idol girl group SGO48 Anna, the campaign is hoped to make contribution to the building and development of a dynamic and creative generation of Vietnamese youths.

Philip Chua, Asia Pacific Head of Public Policy at Instagram, voiced his delight that inspirational stories of Vietnamese youths will be further promoted via the “Instagram for Vietnam” campaign.

“We understand that the young generation is the ‘heart’ of Instagram and many young Vietnamese are using Instagram every day to express themselves, contributing to cultural diversity. We look forward to expanding this program in the future to continue to demonstrate our efforts in supporting the community,” said Philip.

Vietnam had a population of 97.75 million in January 2021 and there were 72 million social media users in Vietnam as of January 2021, equivalent to 73.7 percent of the total population, according to DataReportal. There are many types of social media that are being used by the Vietnamese, but the most common sites are the home-grown app Zalo, Facebook, and Instagram./.