Nguyen Van Trung, director of the provincial Department of Culture and Sports, shared that the program aims to introduce Indian folk dances to a wider Vietnamese audience and strengthen the bond between the two sides. Tushar Garg from the Consulate General of India in Ho Chi Minh City emphasized the importance of cultural exchanges in enhancing the relationship between the two countries. The program is seen as a positive step towards cooperation with Ben Tre province, and there are plans for more exchange activities in the future to further strengthen the ties between Vietnam and India. Participants had the opportunity to enjoy popular Indian folk dances such as Jhmar, Jhang, Mirze-Sahiban, and Bhangra dances. Additionally, there were performances of typical dances and musical instrument ensembles from Ben Tre province, including flute performances and “don ca tai tu” (southern amateur music). Punjabi dances, which represent the folk and religious dances of the indigenous people of the Punjab region spanning India and Pakistan, were also showcased. The styles of Punjabi dances range from high-energy to slow and reserved, and specific styles are tailored for men and women.