Nguyen Duc Hieu – the winner of the First Prize at the Nationwide Dance Performance Talent competition 2020

Born in Hanoi in 2000, from a young age, Nguyen Duc Hieu soon revealed his qualities of a professional dancer. Before turning to ballet, Nguyen Duc Hieu was known as a talent in the dance sports field with more than 50 domestic and international gold, silver, bronze medals.

In 2020, after graduating with a good degree from the Vietnam Academy of Dance, Duc Hieu was admitted to the dance troupe of the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theatre (VNOB). When he was sent by the VNOB to participate in the Nationwide Dance Performance Talent competition, he won first prize in the category of European classical ballet and modern ballet.

Nguyen Duc Hieu shared: “2020 can be considered as the moment to mark many of the best things for myself, even though Covid-19 pandemic has been raging around the world. Hopefully with my dancing, I can bring great stories to the public”.

Vu Viet Hoa – Young talented theatre actress

Born in 1996, in Yen Bai, Vu Viet Hoa graduated from Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema as a young actress in the Vietnam National Drama Theatre. She made a mark in 2020 with many impressive roles, especially having excelled to win the Gold Medal in the contest for national young theatre actor talent with the role of Phon Y in the play named ‘Loi Vu’.

For television audiences, Viet Hoa has made a mark in the movies "Nhung Ngay Khong Quen" (Unforgettable days), "Nhung Thien Than Nha S6" (Angels of the S6), "Co Gai Nha Nguoi Ta" (The girl of another family) and most recent movie "Tro Ve Giua Yeu Thuong" (Return between love) .

In "Nhung Ngay Khong Quen", the role "Dao" as a hairdresser, who is sister of a teacher named Uyen (played by Phuong Oanh), is a role with depth. The role "Uyen" is tender, meanwhile the role "Dao" is so sharp. However, behind her personality, Dao is still rich in love and kindness.

It can be said that the role "Dao" is different from actress Viet Hoa in real life.

Bui Duong Thai Ha – Champion of Hanoi’s voice

Born in 1998, Bui Duong Thai Ha owns a beautiful ‘mezzo’ voice, along with an attractive face.

Coming from a family with no art major and no financial conditions, Bui Duong Thai Ha experienced many difficulties when following professional music. However, with great passion since childhood, she determined to follow this difficult path.

In 2020, luck smiled at the singer from Thai Nguyen when she won the title of Champion of Hanoi’ Voice 2020, in the category of the light music.
After this award, the female singer plans to debut from three to four MV / Single Audio in the near future.

Chau Bui – Outstanding fashion face

Chau Bui’s real name is Bui Thai Bao Chau, born in 1997 in Hanoi, also known as Chou Chou. From a model taking photos with little attention, after only a few years, Chau Bui has become an expert in fashion style, a celeb of Vietnamese showbiz, with nearly two million followers on Instagram (a photo sharing application). Possessing moderate height, Chau Bui has a beautiful face with a unique fashion style.

Currently, she is a photo model for many famous fashion brands both at home and abroad.

In recent years, Chau Bui has always been among 30 outstanding faces under 30 years old in various fields in Vietnam, as voted by Forbes Vietnam.

Nguyen Binh An – A handsome actor

In 2020, Binh An only participated in a movie screening during Tet holiday on VTV made by director Khai Anh, with the expected name ‘Yeu Hon Ca Bau Troi’ (Love more than the sky).

Explaining this, the young actor from Phu Tho said that as he appeared continuously in three movies in 2019, including "Nhung Co Gai Trong Thanh Pho" (Girls in the city), "Tuoi thanh Xuan" (Youth) and "Moi Tinh Dau Cua Toi" (My first love), he was afraid that the audience would grow "bored".

‘"Yeu Hon Ca Bau Troi" is a film about air soldiers, with the gathering of actors such as Thanh Son, Binh An, Manh Quan and Quang Su. It is filmed in Phu Yen – "the land Green grass yellow flowers", promising to bring a new wind to the series of movies showing during Tet holiday.

Young actor Binh An, whose real name is Nguyen Binh An, was born in 1993 in Phu Tho. With a handsome Korean style, Binh An is always welcomed by directors.

Binh An has just decided to move art activities in the south to have the opportunity to explore a new operating environment.