Hotels Put Efforts into Accommodating Quarantined Guests

Though finally reopening its borders again in October to meet the mounting travel demand, Vietnam has acted cautious and required all passengers on commercial flights to the country to acquire negative test result for COVID-19 within three days


Passengers are required to complete the necessary documentation prior to their flight, as well as provide details regarding their chosen quarantine hotels.

Hotels work hard to prepare for quarantined guests
Travellers can pick a hotel from a list of quarantine accommodations already approved by the HCM City People’s Committee.

During an interview with a quarantine hotel manager in Ho Chi Minh City, valuable insights were provided to shed light on the higher room rates for isolation compared to regular accommodations.

Travellers have the option of selecting a hotel from a pre-approved list of quarantine accommodations by the HCM City People’s Committee. The rates for these accommodations vary between VND1.25 million (US$54) and VND5 million ($215) per day, and include three meals. Additional services are available for an extra charge, which may cause the rates to increase.

“The allocation of resources, including personnel and infrastructure costs, for quarantine facilities is a significant undertaking,” expressed the hotel manager known as Ha.

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According to her, the hotel must adhere to stringent criteria set by the municipal Department of Health. Specifically, it is required to only operate for quarantine purposes, even if there is only one guest in isolation at a given time.

The hotel must adhere to specific criteria to ensure the secure transportation of quarantined guests and their waste. Additionally, it should establish a dedicated 24/7 security booth and provide accommodations for quarantined guests on a fully isolated floor. It is imperative that guests who check-in on different days are assigned to separate floors.

Ha has requested that her hotel provide “buffer rooms,” which refer to empty rooms placed between quarantine rooms. Additionally, service staff members who engage in direct contact with guests must undergo a 14-day quarantine period and can only return home after their guests receive a negative test result at the conclusion of the isolation period.

Holiday Inn, a renowned five-star quarantine hotel, fully supports and complies with the aforementioned requirements. We have made significant investments in updating our infrastructure facilities to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for our guests. Additionally, our dedicated staff has undergone rigorous medical training to effectively handle any health-related situations. Moreover, we strictly adhere to the hygiene standards, disinfection protocols, and quarantine procedures outlined by the health department. Your well-being and peace of mind are our utmost priority at Holiday Inn.

“Due to the strict disease prevention measures in place, the room prices at quarantine hotels are relatively higher compared to regular hotels,” Ha explained.

Hotels work hard to prepare for quarantined guests
The room rates range between VND1.25 million (US$54) and VND5 million ($215) including three meals a day.

The Department of Tourism in Ho Chi Minh City also commends the hotels for their diligent efforts in serving as quarantine facilities.

According to Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa, deputy director of the health department, providing quarantine accommodation may appear straightforward, but in reality, it poses significant challenges for hotels. Meeting the various medical requirements set forth by the health department is crucial in order to cater to quarantined guests.

According to Hoa, the city currently has a total of 10 hotels that have been approved for quarantine purposes. Out of these, two hotels are exclusively designated for cabin crews, while the remaining eight are meant for ordinary travelers entering Vietnam. The combined number of available rooms in these hotels totals to 940.

The department has proposed the addition of 16 hotels, totaling 1,025 rooms. Among these, 15 hotels are in the budget range with ratings of one or two stars, according to Hoa.

The authority is actively encouraging low-priced hotels throughout the city to register as quarantine facilities. This initiative aims to provide travelers with a wider range of affordable options while also diversifying the current list, which is currently limited to three to five-star hotels.

The hotels are currently undergoing inspection and evaluation by the authorities to determine if they meet all the necessary criteria for quarantine purposes. This evaluation includes assessing their infrastructure, staff training, and medical capabilities. Once all the required conditions are met, the list of approved quarantine facilities will be submitted to the city People’s Committee for final approval.