People’s Artist Bach Tuyet: Wishing a peaceful 2021 to all

2020 was the year when I produced the biggest number of artworks on pressing issues. After releasing a Vietnamese opera on COVID-19 pandemic, I launched a community project to encourage cai luong (Vietnamese reformed opera) singers to share a helping hand in the fight against the pandemic.

Within the project, I have composed songs and joined young artists in music videos raising up the spirits of doctors and medical workers and raising the public awareness during the anti-pandemic battle. The songs and music videos have gained much applause and interest from audiences.

At nearly 80 years of age, I always keep updated on the country’s situations and blend them into my compositions.

On the edge of the lunar New Year 2021, I hope that there will be more stages and theatres so that artists can fully devote to the art and show off their best talents and capacity to serve the audience. I have also told myself to work harder and produce more compositions to my audience. I wish a peaceful 2021 to all.

Meritorious Artist My Uyen: Hoping to bring theatrical art to wider audience

As in 2020 when everyone suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to thank my art colleagues for working side by side with me to maintain the normal operation of our 5B Theatre.

After the social distancing period, our team produced new stage plays to welcome back the audience. In May when our play ‘Bo Cong Anh’ (Lactuca indica) hit the stage, it attracted a large number of theatre goers, which motivated me to invest in short plays and children’s plays to meet the increasing needs of audiences.

The social distancing period also brought me interesting ideas to run our theatre in the coming time.

In 2021, I hope for more support to make theatrical art thrive again, and attract more interest from the audience in the digital era. I also hope that theatrical art can reach wider audience in the remote and mountainous areas.

Meritorious Artist, director Le Nguyen Dat: The pandemic foments creativity among artists

Debuted at a time of complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sen Viet (Vietnamese Lotus) Stage was the joint effort of artists who share a common passion for cai luong.

Although COVID-19 took away opportunities to organise tours and shows in 2020 as expected, it brought us much time to promote creativity and prepare new scripts for audiences. We completed the stage for 10 plays on diverse topics, and are now ready to introduce them to audiences.

In 2021, we plan to head to the central and norther regions in order to meet and exchange experience with cai luong artists there. We will also pay more attention to seeking and training new talented cai luong singers.

Visual-impaired artist Ha Chuong: Ready to welcome 2021 with inspiring performances

In 2020, when the COVID-19 broke out, many shows and art projects of mine were cancelled. However, it was a common situation facing artists, and I had to accepted and thought that it was a time for me to improve my performing skills and refill energy. I also had more time to my family and try doing things that I hadn’t done before.

Last year, I released my autobiography titled Nham Mat Nhin Sao (Watching Stars with Closed Eyes) aiming to inspire people with disabilities. The 300-page book tells my life story since I went blind at the age of two.

I’m ready for new year 2021 with new compositions and performances that are expected to inspire young people everywhere. As a speaker of the programme entitled ‘Danh Thuc Khat Vong’ (Awaken aspirations), I will continue to visit schools, businesses, and prisoners to share my stories and life aspirations to fuel inspiration and confidence among listeners.