Vietnamese cuisine has always been an appeal attracting international tourists to the country. No matter if it is the popular street food or elaborated fine dining, Vietnamese are proud of and love their cuisine.

Stating in her book Am thuc Viet Nam va the gioi (Vietnamese cuisine vs. world), Nguyen Thi Dieu Thao introduced the right way to savour a Vietnamese dish-by having all of your five senses awaken.

Sensation comes from the sound of sizzling food, the vibrant mixture of colours, and becomes even more noticable through direct contact by touching, and finally, relishing a firm bite. Famous for its rich and diverse culinary culture with tasty-looking and nutritious dishes, Vietnamese food has been named among the world’s most favourites by many global magazines.

Coming to the stage in late-December, “Quintessence of Vietnamese Cuisine” was born highlighting the pride of Vietnamese food. Each dish was assessed by well-known judges in Vietnam who are experts with extensive experience in cookery and gastronomy, namely chef Duong Van Hung, Masterchef Vietnam Ngo Thanh Hoa, Top Chef Vietnam Vo Hoang Nhan, and the only female examiner and author of the cookbook Huong Bep Nha Tran Thi Hien Minh, to ensure a professional and fair battle. The winner chefs are evaluated and picked for their expertise, aesthetics, and nutrition knowledge, as well as principles of food safety and hygiene.

More than 100 professional chefs from Muong Thanh Hospitality’s member hotels participated at the House of Muong Culinary Contest. The contestants brought and prepared the freshest and finest ingredients along with their secret recipes and presented 54 feasts with more than 540 regional specialties. In order to enter the second round, the teams had not only to focus on the taste of each dish but also make a convincing presentation.

Gathering the best of Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam, House of Muong Culinary Contest has set a new record of the Greatest Banquet Table with most Appetising Vietnamese Regional Specialties which was granted by the Vietnam Record Association.

Apart from regular prizes, the contest also presented three special prizes for the three best Vietnamese specialities, including the Best Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich), the Best Fried Rice, and the Best Pho Hanoi.

The House of Muong Culinary Contest has brought not only professional but also cultural significance to the event to promote Vietnamese cuisine-which is Muong Thanh Hospitality’s main goal in organizing the spectacle.

With the first hotel under the Muong Thanh brand built in 1997 in Dien Bien province, so far, the Muiong Thanh Hospitality group has set up and put into operation nearly 60 hotels and accommodation projects stretching across Vietnam, alongside with one hotel in Vientiane in Laos,

Most recently, the title of Vietnam’s Leading Beach Hotel 2019 went to Muong Thanh Luxury Nha Trang Hotel, marking a major breakthrough for the group in 2019. Such awards are also the motivation for Muong Thanh Luxury Nha Trang to strive and continue improving their services to offer guests better experiences, and keeping the ground’s leading position in Vietnam’s hospitality industry.