Attendees will have the opportunity to view dragon-themed paintings and a collection of ceramics featuring dragon motifs, created by local artisans.

In addition, visitors can explore various ceramic works from renowned craft villages in the northern region, such as Huong Canh in Vinh Phuc province, Chu Dau in Hai Duong province, and Giang Cao in Hanoi.

The spring fair will also feature traditional cultural activities including calligraphy, tea making, and folk games.

The event will showcase a variety of items for the Lunar New Year festival, including flowers, ornamental plants, and specialty products such as fresh fruit from the Mekong Delta, tea from the northern mountainous area, and fish sauce from the southern region.

Furthermore, the week-long event will kick off with art performances in celebration of the 94th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam on February 3.