Honoring ancient mandarins in Lang Son City

 The Ky Cung-Ta Phu Festival, the biggest annual ritual event in the northeastern city of Lang Son, aims to honor and commemorate the spirit of the Mother Goddess and of ancient mandarins who contributed to the building of the area in ancient times.

honoring ancient mandarins in lang son city

The festival runs from the 22nd through the 27th day of the first lunar month, providing an opportunity for ethnic groups to meet, sing and perform ritual prayers for a prosperous year.

During the festival procession, which attracts thousands of visitors, local people dressed in colorful traditional costumes march through the streets of the city from Ky Cung Temple to Ta Phu Temple, where they offered large bowls of incense in honor of two mandarins, Tuan Tranh and Than Cong Tai.

Tuan Tranh, a mandarin under the Tran Dynasty (1225 to 1400), was regarded as a saint for his contribution to the town but wrongfully convicted of colluding with foreign invaders. He subsequently committed suicide by jumping into the Ky Cung River.

honoring ancient mandarins in lang son city
honoring ancient mandarins in lang son city
honoring ancient mandarins in lang son city

During the Le Dynasty (1427-1789), Than Cong Tai was sent to Lang Son to investigate the case and decided Tuan Tranh was innocent. He was named a saint and residents built the Ta Phu Temple to worship him.

Various traditional cultural activities including folk songs, dances and games are also held at the festival.

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