As per the schedule, there will be special street parades from the covered bridge Chua Cau (Bridge Pagoda) to streets in Hoi An Ancient Town like Bach Dang, Hoang Van Thu, and Hoang Dieu.

Than Thi Thu Huyen, the executive director of Hoi An Memory Island – a tourism, art performance, entertainment, and resort & spa complex situated in the middle of the Thu Bon River, revealed that this colorful event will feature over 100 professional actors dressed in unique traditional costumes from different countries around the world.

Furthermore, a lantern dance festival will be organized as part of the event to celebrate the rich diversity of Asian culture with spectacular performances by professional dancers.

The highlight of the event will be the mesmerizing fireworks display over Hoi An on March 18th, commemorating the sixth anniversary of the launch of the Hoi An Memories show, acclaimed as the most beautiful show in the world.