Ho Chi Minh City's tourism boomed thanks to self-renewal, 6 months welcomed 11 million domestic visitors - Photo 1.

According to businesses, the tour products specializing in the city route, although short, in just half a day or a day, are carefully invested from ideas and services that soon become featured products, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. country.

Each district has at least one attractive destination

After a period of incubation and much preparation, the tourism product “Going to Cho Lon to see the lion dance” was officially launched. The representative of District 5 People’s Committee said that this program is held periodically on the second Saturday and Sunday of each month at The Garden Mall square (190 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 5) with 3 performances per night.

District 5 is also coordinating with Fiditour – Vietluxtour travel and tourism company to develop a product chain of Memories of Saigon Cho Lon, which introduces the typical culture of District 5, especially culture and cuisine. reality of the Chinese community.

As a locality that no one has ever thought “will be able to do tourism”, Tan Phu district is also urgently renewing relics such as Phu Tho Hoa tunnel relic, Tan Thoi communal house, Phap Van pagoda with many national records. exploit some unique dishes… to put into tourism service.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Chanh – Vice Chairman of Tan Phu District People’s Committee – said that these destinations need to be further improved, but initially, tourism businesses think that this will be an interesting journey.

From the beginning of 2022 until now, the tourism industry in Ho Chi Minh City has built 10 local tourism products under the program “one tourism product per district”.

Mr. Lai Minh Duy, general director of TST tourist, said: “Like Thu Duc city has a weekly product “Thu Duc city by the green river”. Many tourists say they are surprised because these spots are close to their places. living but only discovered now. Guests from other provinces also have a reason to stay here longer.”

According to Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Tra – director of communication and marketing of Saigontourist Travel, the unit is currently exploiting products of sightseeing routes and experiencing 5-star services at the city’s old hotels, cultural relics, beliefs in Cho Lon area (District 5),

Learn about the history of the Saigon Rangers associated with the historic 30-4 victory or listen to music on the streets of Saigon on a double-decker bus, river bus and watch the sunset on the Saigon River on a yacht.

Focus on destination quality

In the summer of this year, tourism businesses, besides being busy bringing guests from the city to all over the country, are also busy welcoming a large number of visitors to the city to visit and explore tourism with many new experiences.

According to a representative of Sheraton Saigon hotel, the number of guests staying at the hotel in recent months has grown significantly, of which the majority are domestic delegations attending conferences, business meetings and events.

Meanwhile, at Rex Hotel Saigon, domestic guests account for a higher proportion, in addition to business guests, many families also come to stay here for sightseeing and tourism.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa, director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, said that in the first 6 months of the year, domestic tourists to the city were estimated to reach more than 11 million, up 43.1% over the same period in 2021. This is a great force for businesses and the city’s tourism industry.

This result also shows the process of bringing the city to have a lot of potentials to become an attractive destination, not just a source market, which provides a source of tourists for other destinations as before.

According to Ms. Hoa, in the coming time, the city’s tourism will continue to coordinate with departments, agencies, districts, and Thu Duc city to survey and design tours/tourist routes within the region (district, district) to complete. improve products. In addition to survey activities, the department also accelerates the exploitation of new tourism products.

Source: Dulich.tuoitre.vn