The highlight of the flower street is a pair of dragon sculptures spanning over 100 meters in honor of the upcoming Year of the Dragon, about a week away.

They are the largest-ever zodiac animal mascots to be displayed at the annual event.

Construction and decoration of the flower street, themed ‘Spring of Love, Tet Reunion’ this year, began on January 21.

The pair of winding dragon mascots and another dragon mascot on the flower street have amazed locals and tourists.

Many Tet-themed decorations adorn the flower street.

The mascots are made of steel and environmentally-friendly materials, such as bamboo and rattan.

The construction time and costs for the mascots increased by five times over previous years when the mascots were made of steel and foam.

Three dragon sculptures funded by Viet Dragon Golden Apricot Corporation will be transferred to enterprises or individuals after the flower street is closed at 9:00 pm on February 14.

The money collected from the transfer will be given to charity.

Eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, were prioritized in designing the flower street.

Dozens of workers are busy completing Nguyen Hue Flower Street in Ho Chi Minh City.

The mighty dragon mascot’s head is over two meters in diameter.

The two dragons are crafted from steel and eco-friendly rattan.

Workers install scales on the 100-meter-long dragon sculptures.

The flower street is taking shape with the highlight being three dragon mascots.

Fresh flowers festoon the street. The 2024 Nguyen Hue Flower Street is designed to boast more than 100,000 baskets of flowers.

Part of a winding dragon mascot. Workers at the site say that the pair of dragon sculptures is now some 70 percent complete.

Each dragon mascot has five sections. They will be made to keep a luminescent pearl model with a diameter of 50 centimeter each in their mouths.