The event, which is scheduled to take place at My Dinh National Stadium on December 23 and 24, is expected to feature several renowned K-pop stars.

Highlight’s participation was announced on October 23, generating considerable excitement among fans.

Social media platforms quickly lit up with discussions and shared posts, reflecting the anticipation for this upcoming concert.

Fans expressed their enthusiasm, with comments such as, “I am not a fan of them, but I know all their songs by heart” and “I loved their songs as a child,” revealing the enduring appeal of Highlight’s music.

This marks Highlight’s third visit to Vietnam, with their previous performance at the My Soul Seoul event in Ho Chi Minh City, where they shared the stage with other famous artists like HOOK and Hari Won.

Highlight receives an enthusiastic reception from the audience in Ho Chi Minh City last year. Photo: Hoai Phuong / Tuoi Tre

Highlight received an enthusiastic reception from the audience in Ho Chi Minh City last year. Photo: Hoai Phuong / Tuoi Tre

While Highlight’s participation has been confirmed, the event organizers have yet to announce the complete lineup of artists for the X-Mas Festival Open Air 2.

Highlight, originally known as ‘Beast’ before their transition from Cube Entertainment to Around US Entertainment, is a four-member South Korean music group consisting of Yoon Doo Joon, Yang Yo Seob, Lee Gi Kwang, and Son Dong Woon.

The band boasts a rich catalog of popular songs, including ‘Fiction,’ ‘Not the End,’ ‘Beautiful Night,’ and ‘Plz Do Not Be Sad.’

Their remarkable career has seen them perform both in South Korea and Japan, releasing two albums, seven mini-albums in South Korea, one album in Japan, and numerous singles.

In 2011, their album ‘Fiction and Fact’ produced the hit single ‘Fiction,’ which won three consecutive trophies on the TV music show M! Countdown on the television channel Mnet.

Their achievements also include winning the Daesang prize at the KBS Music Festival in 2011 and the Bonsang Prize at the Seoul Music Awards for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012.

Highlight has not only garnered a vast fan base but has also achieved commercial success and earned praise from music critics, solidifying their position in the music industry.

As anticipation builds for the X-Mas Festival Open Air 2 event, Highlight’s presence promises to be a significant highlight of the festivities, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the performance of this iconic K-pop group.