It is an uncommon daily routine among the elderly population in Vietnam.

Vu Quy Hien, 65, and his entire family share a love for sports.

This deep appreciation for sports comes from his father, Vu Ngoc Lau, 94.

The swimmers at Rach Mieu Swimming Pool in Phu Nhuan District witness this man take a dip every day.

It was Lau who inspired his family members to engage in physical activity.

Lau happily shared that he swims around 500-700 meters in a large pool each day.

Sporting spirit spreads among family members

“My father became my inspiration for swimming. His children and grandchildren see him as a role model for a healthy lifestyle,” Hien said.

“We often spend time swimming, cycling, and jogging together to improve our health and make our lives more meaningful.”

Thanks to his swimming routine, this elderly man is in good health, according to his son.

“My father is capable of performing daily activities such as eating, sleeping, and personal hygiene,” Hien proudly stated.

Initially, Hien would accompany his father to the pool while waiting on a chair. However, he quickly decided to join his father in swimming on subsequent visits.

The joy of swimming also motivated his two siblings to participate in this daily activity.

Hien and his younger brother, 61, cycle along Hoang Sa and Truong Sa Streets and jog in Gia Dinh Park every day.

Other family members join in these workouts on weekends.

Over the past decade, Hien’s father has faithfully swum every day.

Lau’s children and grandchildren regularly do exercise. Photo: Supplied

Vu Ngoc Lau’s children and grandchildren regularly do exercise. Photo: Supplied

“Swimming brings my father joy. Every time he enters the water, he feels great and invigorated,” Hien said.

In the past, Lau even competed in swimming races for the elderly and won several prizes.

Lau, who lives with his daughter in Phu Nhuan District, goes swimming from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm every day.

His two sons take turns driving him to the swimming pool.

Trinh Thi Bach Diep, a swimming coach at Rach Mieu Swimming Pool, mentioned that Lau has been swimming at the pool for many years.

Diep often sees many older swimmers at the pool, but she recalls Lau as the most determined.

Veteran swimmer Nguyen Kieu Oanh was amazed by Lau and his passion.

“Despite being 94 years old, he remains healthy and maintains his daily swimming habit,” Oanh said.

Oanh added that when Lau participated in the city’s swimming race for the elderly, he earned the title of “the most respected swimmer.”

She mentioned that many young people underestimate the importance of exercise, and Lau could serve as their role model for a longer and healthier life.

Daily workouts contribute to a longer lifespan

Dr. Phan Vuong Huy Dong, chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Sports Medicine Association, stated that the average life expectancy is around 73 years for men and 76 years for women in Vietnam.

“It is admirable that Lau, at the age of 94, remains healthy and swims every day,” Dong remarked.

Swimming is a full-body exercise that strengthens muscles and improves overall muscle strength, Dr. Dong advised people suffering from ear, nose, and throat diseases, as well as dermatitis, to refrain from swimming.

Elderly individuals should enter the water with the water level below their chest to prevent drowning and should also be cautious of slippery pool floors.