Happy Vietnam 2023: Inspiring Life through Creative Arts

Artists aspire to utilize their artwork as a driving force for the sustainable development of Vietnam, serving as a source of motivation and inspiration.


Outstanding photographers and filmmakers were recognized at the awards ceremony for the “Happy Vietnam 2023” contest, which showcased the beauty of Vietnam to the world through their creative works.

Photographer Bui Cuong Quyet (second from the right) and filmmaker Nguyen Thanh Paven (third from the right) were awarded first prizes for their innovative artworks. Photo: Ministry of Information and Communications

The “Happy Vietnam 2023” contest, according to Deputy Director General of the Authority of Foreign Information Service at the Ministry of Information and Communications Dinh Tien Dung, is the first video and photo contest in Vietnam dedicated to human rights. The contest demonstrates the attention and commitment of the Party and the Government to the well-being of the people and a people-centered approach.

“In this way, the Party and the Government will ensure that no one is left behind and provide the best opportunities for people to contribute their abilities both mentally and physically to the development and integration of Vietnam,” said Dung.

The contest also serves as an opportunity for overseas Vietnamese and foreign friends to express their love and affection for Vietnam and promote its cultural, historical, and humanitarian values in the new era.

Each photo and video tells a story that reflects the desire, determination, hope, confidence, and happiness of every Vietnamese person, despite the challenges in life. The works are skillfully adapted with technology to become creative and inspiring for viewers.

The Ministry of Information and Communication launched the contest in June 2023. By the end of October 2023, more than 7,000 photos and videos had been submitted.

The ministry selected nearly 30 outstanding works for the awards ceremony and another 84 photos and videos for exhibition on the awards night.

The Vietnam News Agency’s photographer Bui Cuong Quyet won the first prize in the photo category with his photo titled “High Flying Vietnam,” capturing the celebration of the Vietnamese taekwondo team’s victory at the SEA Games 31 on May 16, 2022.

Among the video entries, Nguyen Thanh Paven won the first prize for his documentary titled “Danang – The City of Biodiversity,” which showcases the natural beauty of the central coastal city and its hidden charms. The favorable natural conditions make Danang an attractive and sustainable city for both humans and animals.

The second prizes in the photo and video categories went to filmmaker Vuong Manh Cuong for his video “The Call of the Sea in Nha Trang” and Romanian businessman Catalin Chitu for his photo “Skyscraper Shrouded in Clouds.” Two third prizes and 20 consolation prizes were awarded to other outstanding artists, and additional awards were presented to two artists whose works received the most online votes.

Photographer Bui Cuong Quyet expressed his pride and happiness in capturing the moment when the Vietnamese taekwondo team won the gold medal at the Sea Games 21 in 2022.

The photo “High Flying Vietnam,” by photographer Bui Cuong Quyet, won the first prize.

“I was filled with joy along with the Vietnamese fans. I’m proud that my photo has become a message to the world, showcasing our strength in sports.”

Filmmaker Nguyen Thanh Paven expressed his happiness that his documentary and filmmaking efforts have been well-received and recognized by the audience.

“I hope my documentary will promote the beauty of Vietnamese nature, people, culture, and biodiversity. I also hope that the younger generations will unite and contribute to building a green and sustainable country,” Paven said.

The photo “Skyscraper Shrouded in Clouds” by Catalin Chitu won the second prize.

“The power of a nation lies within its people. The most significant creativity comes from the people. The strongest vitality also belongs to the people. The contest’s 7,000 photos and videos from Vietnamese people across the country are a testament to the strength, creativity, and vitality of the public,” said Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung in his speech.

“Our Party and State always create favorable conditions for everyone to participate, contribute, and showcase their abilities and intelligence in the national construction, development, and international integration. The strength of the people, combined with the desire for a strong, prosperous, and happy Vietnam, has been gathered,” he added.

“Happy Vietnam” is not just a contest or a communication program; it is a festival where Vietnamese people express their happiness. Happiness can be found in every home, field, village, and street. Happiness belongs to the people because they create it and share it,” Minister Hung concluded.

The photo “The Season of Mandarin” by Hieu Minh Vu won the third prize.