Hanoi: Celebrations for Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day 2023

Hanoi has seen the launch of a variety of book-oriented events, helping to foster and grow a culture of reading within the city.


These activities have been organized in response to Reading Culture Day (April 21) and World Book and Copyright Day (April 23).

Hanoi students visited the Hanoi Book Street. Photo: Pho sach Hanoi 

In response to the 2nd Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day, the Hanoi Book Street management organized an exciting drawing contest titled “Books: For You and Me”. Participants were encouraged to explore their creativity and express their passion for reading by producing artwork inspired by their favorite books. With the aim of promoting the love of reading and literature, the contest was open to all ages and served to celebrate the culture of books and reading in Vietnam.

The contest was held on April 9 at Hanoi Book Street in Hoan Kiem District to celebrate books’ value, meaning, and importance, and to enrich children’s mental life.

According to the event organizer, students from primary and secondary schools in Hoan Kiem District and Hanoi are participating in the contest with paintings on a variety of themes, such as “Drawing about your favorite book,” “The importance of reading in your study,” and “Children’s dreams.” These creative works provide a unique insight into the minds of the young participants and are sure to be thought-provoking.

As part of its book celebration program, the “Zero-dong Book Fair 2023” will run until April 9th at the Vietnam Youth Academy in 3 Chua Lang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi. Visitors will be able to purchase books at no cost during the duration of the event. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get your hands on some good reads!

The book fair brings together domestic publishers, such as Nha Nam, Skybooks, Youth Publishing House, and AZ Vietnam, presenting a broad selection of books in categories such as psychology, domestic and foreign literature, and skill development. Visitors will have the opportunity to peruse an array of titles that encompass a wide array of topics and interests.

Attendees of the fair will have access to free books! Additionally, there are some great specials on offer, such as books that are sold per weight for only VND49,000 (US$2) per kilogram (which works out to approximately 3 to 6 books). For the same price you can also get books for VND10,000 (US$0.5).

AZ Vietnam stated that the “Zero-dong Book Fair” is conducted annually in April to encourage reading among the general population, particularly young people. This event provides an opportunity for people of all ages to purchase books at no cost, allowing them to discover and explore new genres and authors without any financial burden. The Zero-dong Book Fair is an important event in Vietnam, as it fosters a culture of reading and literacy among the nation’s citizens.

Young book enthusiasts with tight budgets expressed a great deal of excitement for the promotions at the event, which included discounted books, gift-giving, and same-price book sales, according to the publisher.

Many free or cheap-priced books are available at the “Zero-dong Book Fair” in Hanoi. Photo: Dan Viet

On April 6th, 2023, the Thanh Xuan District People’s Committee proudly hosted the “Book: Awareness – Innovation – Creation” Festival. The event was a great success, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate books, creativity, and innovation. Attendees had the chance to explore a myriad of books, including those from renowned authors and those written by independent authors. As well as browsing through the many books, they were also able to attend lectures, workshops, and panel discussions. Through these events, attendees were able to gain knowledge, learn new skills, and connect with fellow book lovers. The festival was a great success and will surely be remembered by all who attended.

Speaking at the festival, Dang Khanh Hoa, Vice Chairman of Thanh Xuan District People’s Committee, stated that the event was organized with the intention of motivating the public to read more, collect books, and build up their bookcases and libraries, thus helping to create a Vietnamese reading culture among the community.

The remarkable advancement of information technology has been highly beneficial, giving people access to an abundance of knowledge. Nevertheless, books remain invaluable sources of knowledge for those who appreciate them,” she stated.

The second Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day 2023 is here, and it’s set to be an exciting and educational month-long event! From March 16th to April 30th, people of all ages will be able to participate in a variety of activities that are designed to encourage the development of reading habits within the community. From book fairs to storytelling sessions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

The annual event is organized in response to the Prime Minister’s project, “Fostering a Reading Culture in the Community, with an Orientation to 2030”. This initiative seeks to promote a culture of reading throughout the community, with a view towards 2030.

In recent years, a wide range of activities have been held nationwide to promote and develop the reading culture. These activities, such as the annual festival, have been embraced by the community and have had a positive influence on society. This event has earned wide appreciation and interest from the public.

Hanoi students enjoy reading at the Book Reading Festival held in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. Photo: Hong Thai  

It not only honors the reading culture and contributes to creating a “learning society”, but also provides people with an invaluable opportunity to gain a deep insight into the country’s diverse and multifaceted culture.

The decision aims to create a movement to encourage reading in the community and to promote reading culture, especially among the young generation.

National Book Day was first celebrated on April 21, 2014. Since then, the Vietnamese Government has taken steps to promote reading culture within the country, most notably with the signing of Decision No.1862/QD-TTg in 2021. This decision was designed to initiate a movement to cultivate a love of reading in the community, particularly among younger generations.

According to the decision, the event strives to emphasize the vital significance of books in enhancing knowledge, skills, critical thinking, and education.

Since then, Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day has been celebrated annually with book fairs and forums in major cities and provinces.

 People at a book stall on the Hanoi Street Book, or December 19 Street, Hoan Kiem District, where is a rendezvous for book lovers in the capital city. Photo: Pho sach Hanoi