Hanoi unique coffee streets

The Hanoitimes - Walking around Hanoi cafeterias, you will see a pristine soul of the city, no matter how much it has changed.


It is said that Hanoi is so noisy. Well, I think it is different. Hanoi has gentle private corners that travelers, feeling strange or not, can still sit there to take a sip of coffee, listen to love songs, settle down to feel the slow passage of time and sad moments of life. You can find this when you set foot in a street called the coffee street.

Photo: MOTOGO 

After a day full of worries, I like to have a few hours for personal emotion by enjoying the sweet bittersweet coffee. More and more streets are now called coffee streets in Hanoi because coffee drinking has imperceptibly become a popular culture.

No matter how profitable the coffee trade is, but just looking at the increasing number of roadside coffeeshops every day, it seems that coffee business has never got cold.

Coffee aficionados all know Trieu Viet Vuong street packed with modern and old coffee houses, glittering under the shade of high trees. These coffee houses serve a variety of customers, not only nostalgists who quietly sip coffee next to the old corners of the old patches, but also active customers making noisy sounds with smart phones or fun jokes of kids. All of them find themselves a peaceful place in this street.

A garden cafeteria in Hanoi/ Photo: MOTOGO 

Wandering on Nguyen Huu Huan coffee street for several times, I found out that coffee lovers there are more selective. The place is for those who love the strong black coffee with many names that have gone down in history. From the start to the end of the street, there are various cafeterias, which are located side by side, forming a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. People calls the street as a café paradise.

If you want to taste the coffee culture of Hanoi, you should visit “Lam”, “Giang”, “Hanh” cafeterias to see their individual identity. There, cups of coffee combined with the busy air of the city, create not a different world, but familiar and distinctive from each other. Walking around these coffee houses, you will see a pristine soul of Hanoi, no matter how much it has changed.

On Ly Thuong Kiet or To Hieu streets, the coffee space is much more liberal, looking out to wide sidewalks. Just watching the busy streets when sipping a cup of coffee is a usual style of enjoyment. A cafeteria with comfortable seats and beautiful views would be an ideal choice for relaxing at the weekend or in the evening.

Giang Cafeteria/ Photo: MOTOGO

Passionate bitter fluid is flowing to the stomach, giving drinkers a joyful pleasure. Taking a coffee and just see people passing by. Trying every drop of coffee and feel as if you are tasting the sweetness and bitterness of life.

And just let the strangers to this city experience peaceful moment within the bustling capital, sipping a cup of coffee on the ‘cafe street’.

For me, I still think about the taste of life from coffee – an unforgettable emotional feeling for those who have experienced with it.