The Literature Lake is a significant component of the Hanoi Temple of Literature, spanning an extensive area of 12,000 square meters, encompassing the water expanse, surrounding gardens, and an island in the center known as Kim Chau.

In line with the plan, the management intends to commence a project this month to restore a previously abandoned pavilion on the island. Over the course of history, this area has been neglected, invaded, and encroached upon numerous times, presenting a considerable challenge for preservation efforts.

Since 2006, the management of the Temple of Literature Cultural Centre has taken charge of overseeing the lake.

Formerly, the pavilion on Kim Chau Islet served as a gathering place for scholars from the Thang Long Imperial City to engage in discussions about literary works. However, it has since been destroyed.

Through the restoration of the pavilion and the refurbishment of the lake, the cultural significance of the lake and the broader Temple of Literature will be further enhanced and promoted.