The announcement was made at a seminar held in Hanoi on Tuesday by the municipal Department of Culture and Sports in coordination with the Vietnam Association of Architects and other organizations.

Dien Hong Garden’s Con Coc Fountain (Toad Fountain) has deteriorated in recent years, requiring it to be wrapped with iron wire for protection.

As a playground, this garden attracts a large number of locals and visitors.

This supplied photo shows Dien Hong garden when it was newly built.

This supplied photo shows Dien Hong Garden when it was newly built.

Residents anticipate that the garden, and particularly this 120-year-old fountain, will be renovated, not only to protect the valuable heritage work, which is Hanoi’s oldest fountain, but also to ensure the safety of visitors.

Emmanuel Cerise, director of the Paris-based Agency for International Cooperation in Vietnam, stated that the agency will provide professional assistance for Hoan Kiem District to renovate and enhance the landscape quality of this public space.

The garden is surrounded by a complex of architectural landmarks, including the Metropole Hotel, the Government Guest House, the State Bank of Vietnam, and the headquarters of the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs.

The renovation plan aims not only to preserve the heritage, but also to give it a new lease on life for present and even future uses.

The perspective of the project to renovate and upgrade Dien Hong garden. Photo: Phu Khanh / Tuoi Tre

The perspective of the project to renovate and upgrade Dien Hong Garden in Hanoi. Photo: Phu Khanh / Tuoi Tre

Following that, a new area with a greater connection to the adjacent heritage complex will be planned.

The ground of Dien Hong Garden will have enhanced rainwater permeability as a result of the renovation, which is both environmentally friendly and climate change-resilient.

In order to create a safer distance between the playground in the garden and the surrounding traffic routes, the garden will also be surrounded by low-rise green fences.

According to Nguyen Quoc Hoan, deputy chairman of the Hoan Kiem People’s Committee, the district is going to collect documents and consult relevant departments and experts to develop a plan to restore Con Coc Fountain so as to maintain the popular sight. 

Hoan stated that this project is funded by the state budget.

Dien Hong Garden encompasses 4,240 square meters and is located in Trang Tien Ward, at the intersection of Ngo Quyen, Ly Thai To, and Le Phung Hieu Streets in Hoan Kiem District.

The garden was originally referred to as Chavassieux Square, which was conceived in 1897 and completed in 1901 by the French.

Here, the fountain is adorned with stone toads that spray water on stone pillars, while dragons were placed toward the toad.

Therefore, this square is also called Con Coc (Toad) Garden.

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