Twenty troupes from 20 countries and territories will be selected to participate in the festival, including those from China, Japan, the UK, Germany, France, the United States, Cuba, and host nation Vietnam.

Artists will perform a variety of acts in acrobatics, juggling, tightrope walking, magic, and clown performing. The show is expected to be a platform to showcase creativity, skill, and the cultural features of each participating nation.

Most notably, their performances have never previously won prizes in international circus festivals held in Vietnam.

The performances will be judged by two Vietnamese and three foreign experts.

The organising board will award gold, silver, and bronze medals to outstanding creative acts, as well as certificates of merit to each participating troupe.

The event will see both local and foreign troupes putting on performances in several locations across the capital in order to entertain people during the festival.

The annual festival is scheduled to get underway at the Hanoi Central Circus on 67-69 Tran Nhan Tong Street in the capital. It aims to foster greater co-operation and cultural exchanges between Vietnam and other countries.