The titles will be awarded to outstanding artisans and culture workers to acknowledge their contributions to preserving and promoting the intangible cultural heritage of the capital.

The municipal authority has outlined major steps for the plan which will include establishing the Awarding Council for the titles, issuing instructions for candidates to prepare dossiers, and receive, assess and complete the dossiers and submit them to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

According to the plan, the Department of Culture and Sports of Hanoi will run the council and be responsible for instructing People’s Committees at local levels to support the candidates in finalising their dossiers.

Local authorities are also assigned to organise consultations with local people to get their opinions about the candidates and their dossiers.

The department will assume the prime responsibility and work with agencies and units to evaluate the candidates’ dossiers and support the awarding council to complete the dossiers and make reports about them to the city People’s Committee before submitting to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Hanoi has a rich cultural heritage and preserving it largely falls upon the shoulders of artisans and culture workers.

The ‘People’s Artisan’ and ‘Meritorious Artisan’ titles honour those who have made significant contributions to safeguarding and promoting their ancestors’ traditional treasures and for handing down the practices to younger generations.

Last year alone, ‘People’s Artisan’ and ‘Meritorious Artisan’ titles were awarded to 44 local cultural practitioners.

The artisans were awarded in fields of folk performing arts, social custom and beliefs (Mother Goddess worshipping).

Hanoi is the leading locality in the number of artisans in the field of intangible cultural heritage, a report from the department revealed at a conference held early this year.

The city, which has seven People’s Artisans and 76 Meritorious Artisans, is working to improve the management and preservation of intangible cultural heritage.

Authorities have invested about 1.18 trillion VND (51 million USD) to restore and upgrade 180 historical and religious relics in the city.