On display are nearly 250 photos of President Ho and materials showing his journey from seeking national salvation to the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Director of the President Ho Chi Minh relic site at the Presidential Palace Nguyen Van Cong, said the exhibition features five major sections. The first is from 1890 to 1929, when young patriot Nguyen Tat Thanh and then communist Nguyen Ai Quoc (both pseudonyms of President Ho) led the struggle for national liberation and independence.

The second section depicts the 1930-1945 period, when Nguyen Ai Quoc founded the CPV and led the people in a successful general uprising to give birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

The third section, from 1946-1954, depicts President Ho leading national construction and defence and successfully waging a resistance war against French colonialists.

The fourth section retraces the construction and defence of socialism in the north and the struggle for national reunification from 1955 to 1969.

The fifth displays images on the activities of the Vietnamese Party, State, and people since 1969 in the process of national development.