The festival, organized by the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organisations (HAUFO) and the Hanoi Vietnam-US Friendship Association, showcased various activities. These included an exhibition and a painting competition with the theme “Peace-Friendship,” a food festival, cultural and art performances, and a book gift program to support the Community Book Library at Hanoi Book Street.

In his address at the opening ceremony, Dinh Hong Phong, President of the Vietnam-US Friendship Association in Hanoi, emphasized the significant achievements of the Vietnam-US relationship, which has experienced both challenges and success in economic, political, security, and people-to-people ties. Phong also highlighted Hanoi’s commitment to cooperation with US localities through various engagements such as city leader meetings, business forums, and exchanges.

Phong expressed his confidence that the multifaceted cooperation between the two countries, with the support of both governments and their peoples, as well as the involvement of the Vietnamese capital, will continue to yield positive results in line with the comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and the US.

In response, US Ambassador to Vietnam Marc Knapper acknowledged the expansion of the Vietnam-US relations across various aspects, with a particular emphasis on the significant role of educational cooperation in bringing the people of the two countries closer. Knapper expressed his pride in the cooperation between educational institutions and schools in Hanoi and American localities, and expressed the hope for further achievements in such collaboration in the future.