The event also aims to implement the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress.

On display will be 320 photos and over 123 valuable artefacts divided into different areas: Vietnamese culture before 1930; President Ho Chi Minh and the cause of Vietnamese cultural development; Party and State leaders and cultural development; Vietnamese culture during the struggle for national liberation and reunification; Vietnamese culture during international integration and development; and the preservation and promotion of national cultural heritage.

President Ho Chi Minh always emphasised the important role of culture and attached importance to culture on a par with the economy, politics and society.

Depicting his thoughts on culture, the exhibition will feature photos, artefacts, documents and letters related to the great leader and artists, intellectuals and scientists as well as manuscripts and literary works on culture and the arts written by him.

Notably, several valuable artefacts highlighting President Ho Chi Minh’s simple and noble lifestyle will be introduced to the public at the exhibition.

Visitors will have the chance to learn about the Party’s documents and resolutions on culture over all Congresses as well as the contributions of culture and arts to the revolutionary cause.

The exhibits will be on display at the National Assembly House on Doc Lap street, Ba Dinh district on November 24. The online edition of the exhibition will take place via website from November 16.