The big festival for Hanoi book lovers will open in October this year, according to Hanoi Department of Information and Technology.

Various genres of books will be availabe at Hanoi Book Fair 2022. Photo: Hanh Ha

The Hanoi Book Fair 2022 themed “Traditions and Integration” will take place from October 7 to 9 at the Ly Thai To flower garden and the area surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake.

The event aims to implement the “Plan to develop reading culture in Hanoi until 2025, with orientation to 2030”; celebrate the 68th anniversary of Capital Liberation Day (October 10); 70th anniversary of Publication, Printing and Distribution Day (October 10) and 55th founding anniversary of ASEAN (August 8).

According to the organizers, Hanoi Book Fair is a festival for book-lovers, where the culture of reading is honored and promoted.

Hanoi Book Fair 2002 is expected to attract the participation of local and international publishers with 200 to 250 booths introducing to reading lovers various genres of books, ranging from comic, novel, literature to politic literature.

In addition, other side activities including book launch ceremonies, book trading activities and copyright exchange as well as book-related competitions will also be held.

Hanoi Book Fair has become an annual cultural activity, which draws great interest from the community.

It not only honors the reading culture, contributes to the creation of a “learning society”, but also serves as an opportunity for Hanoi people to improve their understanding of the rich national culture.

Through  various activities, the organizers hope to raise public awareness of the importance of reading for improving knowledge and skills, developing thinking and fostering personality, as well as gradually building reading habits in families, schools, agencies, organizations, and communities.