Hanoi Aims to Increase Tourism Due to Rise in Popularity of Blackpink

The city of Hanoi is looking to utilize international music events to draw in tourists and boost its tourism sector.


Over the past few years, Hanoi has been the vibrant backdrop for a multitude of internationally acclaimed concerts featuring renowned singers from across the globe. The city has firmly established itself as a sought-after destination for world music tours, enchanting both local and foreign audiences alike, who are captivated not just by the exceptional performances, but also by the captivating allure of Vietnam.

Destination for global music stars

 K-pop group Blackpink will perform in Hanoi at the end of July 2023. Photo: YG Entertainment 

Upcoming Event: Blackpink Concerts

Join us for the highly anticipated Blackpink concerts at the prestigious My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi. The concerts will take place on July 29 and 30.

There has been a significant increase in the demand for tickets since then, particularly for the VIP tickets priced at VND10 million (US$422), which sold out immediately upon release. Consequently, an influx of tourists is anticipated in Hanoi to attend the concerts.

Hanoi has once again become a prominent stage for internationally acclaimed artists. In 2018, the iconic bands Boney M and Modern Talking showcased their talents at the Vietnam National Convention Center, mesmerizing the audience of thousands.

The highly successful Monsoon Music Festival of 2019 took place at the prestigious Thang Long Imperial Citadel, showcasing a lineup of renowned international artists. The event featured exceptional performances by German band Scorpions, English singer Joss Stone, Irish band Kodaline, and British group Bond, among other notable acts.

Foreign visitors to Hanoi. Photo: Nancy Awaken 

According to music director Quoc Trung, following the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam has emerged as a preferred performance location for renowned musical artists from across the globe.

Christina Aguilera was a featured performer at the Hay Glamping Music Festival 2022 in Hanoi. The festival also showcased four internationally acclaimed bands from previous eras, including The Moffatts, A1, 911, and Blue. The musician emphasized the significance of this event with his statement.

Through our international music activities, Hanoi and Vietnam have successfully positioned themselves as a safe, friendly, and attractive destination.

Why a Comprehensive Music Tourism Strategy is Essential

According to industry insiders, music tourism has become a growing trend among young individuals. Projections suggest that the global music tourism market will exceed US$1.3 billion by 2033, presenting host countries with significant opportunities to generate substantial profits through offering various catering and accommodation services. The recent success of Blackpink’s concert in Hanoi demonstrated the attractiveness of Vietnam as a potential market in this industry.

The Monsoon International Music Festival 2019 in Vietnam. Photo: Thanh Viet Production 

According to Vu Quynh Anh, CEO of Hoang Minh Travel, the highly anticipated concert by the South Korean group has already attracted a substantial number of tourists, contributing to a significant boost in tourism revenue for the city. Additionally, this event has successfully portrayed Hanoi as a culturally vibrant and appealing destination for music enthusiasts.

Nguyen Hong Nhat, the General Director of Asia Premier Cruises, expressed his observations on the increasing popularity of high-end tourism integrated with performances, usually hosted on yachts. He further emphasized that Vietnam could emerge as a destination for art and music and potentially develop music tourism if there are adequate measures in place to facilitate investment and coordination.

At the same time, Phung Quang Thang, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Travel Association, expressed his belief that tourists are generally willing to invest in various services, products, local goods, and cuisine in order to have the opportunity to witness their favorite idols’ performances in person. This indicates a consistently high demand from tourists, provided that the supply is sufficiently professional to meet such demand.

The “Paradiso Dell’ Opera” musical program took place in mid-June 2023 at the Hanoi Opera House. Photo: VNOB 

According to experts, it is crucial for travel companies and event organizers to work together, along with the cooperation of regulators, in order to effectively handle a significant increase in tourists attending events.

“Hosting a variety of prominent art and music events can significantly boost tourism in Vietnam. By acting as travel ambassadors, artists have the unique ability to effectively and cost-efficiently showcase Vietnam’s rich culture and image to the global market,” emphasized Phung Quang Thang.

Dr. Daisy Kanagasapapathy from RMIT University Vietnam has proposed a compelling approach to enhance the music tourism industry and leverage exceptional performances like those by Blackpink. She recommends the development of travel tours that seamlessly integrate concert tickets with well-crafted itineraries, providing music tourists with extended stays and unforgettable experiences in Vietnam. This strategy aims to promote Vietnam’s flourishing music tourism sector and capitalize on the global appeal of renowned artists like Blackpink.

Moreover, it is crucial to prioritize the enhancement of Vietnam’s infrastructure, encompassing airports, hotels, and transportation systems, to ensure a seamless travel experience for international tourists.