Japanese artists recently introduced Kyogen, the first comedic art form in Japan with a history of more than 650 years, to Vietnamese audiences. This UNESCO-recognized World Cultural Heritage portrays the daily life of ordinary people from the Middle Ages. Kyogen is renowned for its subtle humor, sophisticated language, and refined acting style, making it a popular form of entertainment in Japan. By introducing this comedic style to a new audience, the artists hope to bridge cultural divides and deepen understanding between the two countries.

The Ha Nam Culture and Tourism Week held from May 14 to May 20 will feature an array of activities, such as art performances, a firework display, the first hot air-balloon festival, and a trade show exhibiting items from the local area.

The programme, which took place in Ha Nam province, was a great success.

In 2022, the Ha Nam People’s Committee and the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam successfully organised an exchange programme on traditional art forms such as Kyogen and Cheo singing. The event, which took place in Ha Nam province, was a huge success and drew many admirers. It provided a great opportunity for people to learn about and appreciate the culture and art passed down through generations.