Talking about its special doodle, Google said: “Happy National Day, Vietnam! Today’s annual Vietnam National Day Doodle features the country’s mythical national bird, the chim lạc, flying among the clouds. Chim lạc most closely resembles the crane with its long beak and can be found as intricate decorations on traditional Dong Son bronze drums.”

It also gave details on Vietnam’s National Day, saying: “In 1945, the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam was read aloud to the public, officially recognising Vietnam as a sovereign nation.”

Citizens are given a day off from work, and red-and-yellow banners line the streets to mark the holiday, it said, adding that the Vietnamese national flag is displayed on every corner of the country.

A Google Doodle is a special, temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepages intended to commemorate holidays, events, achievements, and notable historical figures of particular countries.