Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum Exhibition

The Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum exhibition, curated by renowned French photographer Réhahn Croquevielle, showcases over 60 vibrant photos capturing the traditional costumes of various ethnic groups in Vietnam. These groups include Dao, Bo Y, O Du, Phu La, La Hu, Pu Peo, Pa Then, and Si La. Each photo is accompanied by fascinating stories and unique artefacts collected by the author during his journey throughout the country.

The exhibition provides information on each photo in Vietnamese, English, and French, enabling viewers to appreciate the cultural diversity of the 54 ethnic groups living in different regions of Vietnam. Through vivid portrayals, visitors gain a better understanding of the distinct characteristics, lifestyles, and customs of each group, contributing to a deeper appreciation for the rich and diverse national cultural identity.

Réhahn’s exploration of the North of Vietnam showcases the stunning beauty of the region. He has traveled to remote areas to photograph ethnic groups and learn their traditional songs. Notably, he was captivated by the Si La people and their costumes adorned with silver coins, believed to bring luck. Réhahn also encountered the unique traditions and attire of the Dao, Pu Peo, Kho Mu, and Mong Hoa peoples, each with its own language and skills.

In the central and southern regions of Vietnam, Réhahn’s encounters with ethnic minorities have been equally intriguing. Many of these groups have limited opportunities to interact with foreigners, making Réhahn’s work in these areas especially impactful. One of his most memorable encounters was with the O Du people, the smallest ethnic group in Vietnam.

In addition to the physical exhibition, Réhahn’s online photo exhibition on the Google Arts & Culture platform allows viewers to explore and learn about traditional indigo dyeing techniques used by the Dao, Nung, Mong, and La Chi ethnic groups. This technique, involving the use of natural dyes and intricate weaving methods, is an integral part of the cultural heritage of these groups.

The exhibition also offers insights into traditional local occupations, such as coffee production by the K’Ho people and organic honey farming by the Co Tu ethnic group.

Born in Normandy, France, Réhahn traveled extensively before settling in the ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam. He transformed an old house from the French colonial period into the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum, dedicated to showcasing the stories and cultural heritage of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups.

The Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum houses Réhahn’s permanent display of his Precious Heritage Collection. This collection offers a glimpse into the rich cultural mosaic of Vietnam’s ethnic tribes. The museum is a testament to Réhahn’s connection, appreciation, and dedication to preserving the heritage of these remarkable tribes.

Google Art and Culture describes the museum as a “celebration and a call for preservation” and emphasizes its uniqueness as the only museum of its kind. The museum features five rooms covering over 500 sq.m in a 19th-century French house. Visitors can join Réhahn on his decade-long journey to document the 54 ethnic tribes and their subgroups that continue to thrive in Vietnam today.