The film directed by Bui Thac Chuyen won Montgolfière d’or, or the best film prize, receiving a cash prize of EUR6,000.

Based on a novel written by renowned Vietnamese writer Nguyen Ngoc Tu, Glorious Ashes showcases the relationships between three women and their partners in a southern seaside village.

The film marks the return of famous director Bui Thac Chuyen following his last film “Lời Nguyền Huyết Ngải” (RH108) which was released a decade ago.

Festival des 3 Continents is an annual film event that has been held annually since 1979 in the French city of Nantes and is devoted to cinema of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Indeed, the Montgolfière d’or prize is the top award of the festival.

This year’s 44th festival attracted 90 films from around the world vying for titles in Nantes from November 18 to 27.

“Glorious Ashes” surpassed other films from 10 countries globally in order to win the top prize Montgolfière d’or.

Other prizes were also announced at the awards ceremony, including Montgolfière d’argent, or the best film chosen by the judge for film “Scent of Wind” of Iran, A Special Mention for film “Jet Lag” of China, and actress Sol Miranda for her performance in the film “Rule 34” of Brazil.

“The Winter Within” of India was voted le prix du public, or the most favourite film as chosen by audiences.