Giselle is a timeless ballet that explores themes of forgiveness, redemption, love, and betrayal. Set against a haunting forest backdrop, the story follows the journey of Giselle, a young girl who experiences heartbreak and transforms into a vengeful spirit seeking justice for abandoned brides.

Originally performed in Paris in 1841, Giselle remains one of the oldest and most beloved ballets in the international repertoire, captivating audiences worldwide.

“As the national ballet theatre, we have had the privilege of performing renowned ballets such as Swan Lake and La Sylphide,” stated Phan Manh Duc, the director and art director of VNOB.

“Giselle holds a special place in the hearts of both dancers and ballet enthusiasts alike. It is always a joy for us to showcase this exquisite masterpiece to the public.”

Giselle, the eponymous character of the ballet, epitomizes purity and innocence as she navigates her love for Albrecht, a nobleman who ultimately betrays her. In death, Giselle becomes a Willis, a spirit seeking revenge on those who betray their lovers. However, she transcends her assigned punishment and dedicates herself to protecting Albrecht from a tragic fate.

Imparting beauty and emotional depth, the character of Giselle delights audiences with her captivating ballet performance, according to prima ballerina Pham Thu Hang.

“Giselle presents a tremendous artistic challenge for me,” expressed Hang. “The role demands exceptional dance skills and an understanding of Giselle’s intricate soul.

“With my performing experience, I am confident in delivering a Giselle performance that creates unforgettable memories of classical ballet art for audiences.”

Hang, a soloist at the theatre, developed a passion for dance from an early age. Regarded not only as a talented dancer but also praised for her profound acting skills and ability to convey complex emotions, she has won gold medals at the International Dance Festival in 2017 and 2019, as well as the title of “Best Dancer” at the National Dance, Sing, and Music Festival in 2021.

The role of Albrecht will be portrayed by the young and talented Nguyen Duc Hieu. Renowned for his exceptional skills and expressive performances, Hieu was honored at the Asian Grand Prix in Hong Kong in 2018 and received a scholarship at the San Francisco Ballet School from 2018 to 2019. In 2020, he won a gold medal at the National Dance Talent Festival.

Giselle is choreographed by veteran artist Lưu Thu Lan and draws inspiration from the renowned choreographers Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot. The enchanting music, composed by Adolphe Adam, will be performed by the theatre orchestra under the baton of Japanese conductor Kotaro Kimura.

The ballet will commence at 8pm at the Hanoi Opera House.