The opening ceremony for the lantern festival took place on August 24 in the German town. The event showcased a 110sq.m display of lanterns, created with the help of artisans from Hoi An City and Wernigerode. The purpose of this display was to introduce a piece of Hoi An’s UNESCO-recognised world heritage to local residents and visitors from Europe.

This lantern festival serves as an opportunity to promote the value of the craft that has been preserved by Hoi An for centuries. It also aims to boost the tourism potential of Hoi An in Europe.

During the festival, local craftsmen from Hoi An will showcase lantern decorations in Wernigerode, as well as perform art demonstrations and display lantern-making skills.

Additionally, a collection of 20 driftwood sculptures is on display at the park for the duration of the two-day festival.

Furthermore, Hoi An and Wernigerode have agreed to collaborate on the construction of an eco-road or “green” street in Hoi An starting next year. This street will serve as a symbol of the partnership between the two cities.

Wernigerode has provided support to Hoi An in various ways, including the installation of a solar-powered system for public lighting, loudspeakers, and lanterns. Wernigerode has also offered assistance to flood and storm victims in Hoi An.

In addition, Hoi An has submitted a dossier for recognition from the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network (UCCN).

Both Hoi An and Wernigerode were honored with a German Sustainability Award 2019 by the German Federal Government.