The team Hands Fireworks from Canada made their debut at the DIIF with a performance titled “Aurora.” This performance aimed to recreate the shimmering beauty of the aurora, a natural light display typically visible only at night in the lower polar regions. Accompanied by Canadian electronic music, the French performance left the audience in awe with its mesmerizing use of light and colors.

Another newcomer to the DIFF, the team Arteventia from France, presented a performance called “Colours of Hope.” This performance conveyed a powerful message about the importance of resilience in overcoming difficulties and discovering the beauty of life. It emphasized the significance of understanding between people and the connection between people and nature. Arteventia has previously won prestigious prizes at fireworks competitions in the US, Poland, and Belgium.

The DIFF 2023, themed ‘The World without Distance,’ is taking place from June 2 to July 8 along the bank of the Han River in Da Nang, Vietnam. The festival features seven international pyrotechnic teams from the UK, Italy, Poland, France, Australia, Canada, Finland, and a local team from Da Nang. The Vietnamese and Finnish teams competed after the festival’s opening ceremony on June 2. The third competition, titled ‘Conquering Dreams,’ will take place on June 17, featuring the Australian and Italian teams. The teams from Poland and the UK will have their turn on June 24.