There have been cases of cross-infection caused by visitors travelling around the country unaware they were carrying the COVID-19 virus.

These include a 64-year-old Swedish man who went to a number of tourist destinations and then later tested positive for coronavirus.

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Now the Government has asked relevant ministries to gather information about all foreigners stuck here, and work closely with the embassies and consulates to arrange their safe passage home.

The total number of people affected must be presented to the Ministry of Transport by April 16.

Information concerning foreigners here visa-free or on a tourist visa that has expired, or is about to expire during the social distancing period, has also been released.

If they do not have a guarantor and are unable to leave the country due to being quarantined or their flights have been cancelled, are being advised they could ask their embassy or consulate general to guarantee the extension of temporary residence (maximum of 30 days) to wait for exit and apply their file to the immigration department.

The deadline for the application is April 30.

People, who enter for working, visiting relatives or other purposes, the embassies or consulate general are required to instruct their citizens to contact guaranteed agencies, organisations and individuals in accordance with the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, Residence in Việt Nam.

For cases of overdue temporary stay of less than 10 days due to unavoidable reasons (with papers and documents proving it) usual fines may be waivered.