The event, titled “Meet & Shine – Brightening the Future,” aims to showcase the latest creations and emerging talents in Vietnamese dance. It provides an opportunity for the public to gain insight into the vibrant Vietnamese dance scene. Additionally, the event fosters cultural exchange and learning for both local and international dancers through a competition.

Dancers will participate in different age categories, including children aged six to nine, teenagers from 10 to 18 years old, adults over 18 years old, and elders over 50 years old.

The event comprises four main parts: a folk dance competition highlighting Vietnamese ethnic groups for individuals and professional organizations nationwide, competitions in various dance genres, a group performance featuring participants from 15 countries, and the “Dance of Solidarity.”

The final round is scheduled to take place in Ho Chi Minh City from October 23rd to October 24th and in Hanoi from October 26th to October 27th.

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