As per the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, three Vietnamese and three Japanese chefs will be participating in the event.

Each chef will present two new dishes which are a fusion of Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine to showcase the friendship between the two countries.

The organizers will launch a voting system for these dishes by six chefs from both countries on the website.

The most popular dish that combines the culinary cultures of the two nations and is created by renowned chefs will be announced on November 12.

Chef Shinobu Ito, a Japanese researcher of Vietnamese cuisine, will bring two dishes made from everyday ingredients, including Okonomiyaki-flavored grilled rice paper and grilled rice balls with a fish sauce flavor.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese chefs Huynh Thanh Lam and Nguyen Ba Phuoc will present popular local street food infused with Japanese flavors.

In mid-November, the organizers will also provide free e-books with recipes for these six dishes, along with the chefs’ instructions on how to prepare them.

The Hanoi Japan Festival 2023 is scheduled to take place on November 12 and will showcase various cultural, culinary, and musical activities.