This flight was previously scheduled for May 10 and has been moved to May 15. This flight is only available to U.S. citizens. The ticket price will be $1000.00 USD. Please note that dates and times are subject to change by Vietnam Airlines.

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If you are interested in taking this flight, you should complete this form by 12:00 p.m. noon, Tuesday, May 12.

“On May 12, we will notify those interested in the flight of payment and confirmation instructions”. Said the Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City on the website as important information for U.S. Citizens.

“If you have already registered your interest in the May 10 flight, there is no need to sign up for the May 15 flight.  Your information has been saved”. The Consulate General noted.

The Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City recommend U.S. citizens check the Embassy’s COVID-19 page daily for information, and register or update their information in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).