“Vuot”, the band’s first track, is about challenges facing Vietnamese, particularly young ones, in pursuit of success in Japan. Through the song, KURROCK aims to motivate the young Vietnamese living in Japan to try harder to overcome these obstacles.

The MV is a production of two teams in Vietnam and Japan. Directed by Watanabe Tomonori, it was shot in Japan using a green-screen background as COVID-19 restrictions remained in place in the country. Post-production was done in Vietnam.

The MV is set on the roof of Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers, recreating an aerial view of Shinjuku, a buzzing district of Tokyo, at dawn to signal a new day will come again.

According to the bank’s leader Manh Khoi, KURROCk plans to represent their debut album this year, featuring bilingual songs, aiming to use music to connect the two countries and their fans.