The municipal Department of Tourism and the Department of Culture and Sports will organize a festival at the Saigon Cruise Port, the Bach Dang Wharf Park, and the Binh Dong Wharf, along the banks of Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe Canal, and at various tourist sites throughout the city. Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa, director of the tourism department, stated that the festival is an effort to attract visitors and showcase the historical and cultural beauty of the city. The festival aims to promote the preservation of cultural values and emphasize the importance of rivers and canals. Additionally, the event aims to raise awareness about environmental protection and encourage a responsible lifestyle. Hoa highlighted that the festival also plays a role in positioning Ho Chi Minh City as a modern riverside city with a rich cultural identity. The highlight of the festival will be an outdoor art show titled ‘Saigon – River Tells Stories’. This show will depict the city’s establishment and prosperity with the accompaniment of the river. The festival will feature various activities such as an exhibition of local produce and specialties, water-based sports activities like boat races and flyboarding, and nighttime river parades with boats and cruisers showcasing the festival and tourism activities. To encourage participation, promotional and discount programs will be launched. The festival will commence with an opening ceremony at the Thu Ngu flagpole heritage site in downtown Ho Chi Minh City.